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A 17-member volunteer Board of Directors governs the Cordova Chamber of Commerce. Each member of the board volunteers their expertise, time and knowledge, reflecting a broad cross-section of the local business community. The Board consists of elected directors, serving 2-year terms, and appointed directors, serving 1-year terms.  A President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary govern the Board of Directors.  Several of our director positions are ex-officio such as the Cordova City Manager, the USCG Commander, the USFS Cordova Ranger Station director as well as the Executive Director of the Native Village of Eyak.  Additionally there is a Commercial Fisherman’s seat to provide representation for our commercial fishing industry and a seat for Cordova’s mayor as representative of City Council.

These highly dedicated and talented individuals represent our vibrant business community and come from diverse backgrounds and companies of varying sizes. The Chamber’s Board of Directors meets on a regular basis to discuss issues and set policies. As a result, the Board acts as the primary body that advances support or concern to various levels of government and other public and private sector organizations and enhances the vitality of Cordova’s business community.

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Purpose & Objective

The Chamber shall have as its principal purpose and objective the promotion, development and encouragement of trade, commerce, economic, civic and social welfare of the Cordova area.


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