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The Cordova Center

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The-Cordova-Center-1The Cordova Center is a living example of community inspired development. In an effort to diversify the economic base of a true Alaskan fishing community, Cordovans came together in a series of public forums to envision a facility that met the community's needs and goals.

The Cordova Center is a 33,929 square foot, fully accessible multi- use facility. Centrally located in the heart of Cordova's business district and just a short walk to the waterfront it hosts Cordova City Hall, the Cordova Library and the Cordova Historical Museum. In addition to city functions, the Cordova Center boasts the newest state of the art conference center complete with a 206 seat performing arts theatre and lecture hall, breakout meeting rooms, education areas and associated workspace.


The multi-purpose auditorium is appropriate for local and visiting theatre and performance groups, local and visiting film festivals, conferences, conventions, symposiums such as the Copper River Delta Symposium, local and state meetings such as Board of Fish as well as Cordova City Council meetings on topics that may draw a large public audience.

The spacious foyer serves as a spectacular gallery space available for private functions such as private parties, receptions and weddings in addition to the public display of art.  The collection of contemporary Alaskan art supports Alaskan artists and offers a unique sensory experience.


Come see for yourself! For information on booking the Cordova Center for your event or conference, contact Mimi 907-424-6665 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .








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