Entrepreneurs + Culture + Environment = Impact

With a shared heritage of beautiful and sacred surroundings, this pan-Pacific effort supports community-driven economic development for regenerative impact experiences that embrace the culture and desires of people and place. There will be a particular emphasis on support for the Hawaiian Island of Maui which has sustained devastating loss due to recent wildfires, and Cordova, Alaska, with Regenerative Tourism and Blue Economy strategies that will continue to sustain recovery since the Exxon-Valdez oil spill and other complications to local industries.

Important Dates: 

  • March 20: Applications Open
  • April 3: Applications Close for Review
  • April 8: Cohort Notifications begin (via email)
  • Early May: Kickoff with Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival

Applicants who express financial need also have the option to be considered for scholarships and support provided by generous industry sponsors.


Rooted in Indigenous values of stewardship, the Regenerative Tourism model of community economic development has been adopted by the Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority, a statewide government entity, as an overall Regenerative Tourism strategy and a branding and destination management initiative to protect and preserve the future of the destination with repeat visitors.

Concurrently in 2021, Cordova and the Cordova Chamber of Commerce adopted a Regenerative Tourism destination strategy and vision as a means to add healthy economic opportunity that supports existing industries while strengthening ecological and cultural assets and initiatives. 

What is Regenerative Tourism?

Also known as Community-Based Tourism, Regenerative Tourism centers around the idea that there is an opportunity for visitors to improve a destination. Rooted in Indigenous values of stewardship; it addresses impacts holistically, from destination and community perspectives as well as environmental. This approach seeks to address community needs by working together with and building up the local cultures and ecosystem as well as the current industries and businesses through visitor opportunities that promote cultural revitalization, environmental restoration, and hyper-local spending, as well as growing regenerative industries.

This innovative Alaska-Hawaiʻi Impact Studio will result in:

  • New Activity Offerings

    that provide engaging opportunities to support the local culture and economy

  • Indigenous-to-Indigenous Exchange

    that strengthens connections between Native groups in Hawai’i and Alaska

  • Strengthened Communities

    through healthy economic diversification that supports existing industries and cultures

  • Bio-culture Restoration

    through built-in opportunities for visitors to support local ecological and cultural revitalization efforts

  • Resilience

    economic, ecological, and cultural strength to endure challenges and rise to new opportunities

Program Navigators

Cathy Renfeldt
Cathy Renfeldt
Executive Director, Cordova Chamber of Commerce; Cordova, Alaska

Professional Certification in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management, George Washington University; Local Alaska Chamber of the Year recipient, 2023; Top Forty...

Mondy Jamshidi-Kent, MA GLSD
Mondy Jamshidi-Kent, MA GLSD
Principal, Naupaka Pacific; Honolulu, Hawai'i

Regenerative Tourism Practitioner, Subject Matter Expert; Curriculum and Nonprofit Program Designer (20 years); Global Leadership and Sustainable Development; Professor, TIM,...

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