Rooted in Indigenous values

Regenerative Destination Development

is not a new concept


Cordova’s regenerative destination strategy is rooted in Indigenous values of stewardship and centers around the idea that there is an opportunity for visitors to improve our destination. Also known as “Community-Based” development, regenerative destination development addresses impacts holistically, from destination and community perspectives as well as environmental ones. It seeks to work together with and build up the local ecosystem and cultures as well as the current industries and businesses through tour offerings that promote cultural revitalization, environmental restoration, hyper-local spending, and grow regenerative industries.

This work isn’t done with the flip of a switch or the launch of an ad campaign.

It will take time, and we’re excited to take this significant step alongside Cordova’s dynamic business community. Members from a diverse cross-section of the community have come together to form this road map and we’ve launched a destination leadership team to chart the path. As we work together toward environmental, cultural, and economic resilience, we aim to stay true to the things that make Cordova special:

Regenerative Impact Studio

In partnership with destination leaders, elders, and Regenerative destination development experts in Hawai’i; we are excited to empower small businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to grow opportunities for visitors that fulfill community needs and build up existing industries while supporting cultural and ecological revitalization efforts. This program will include an accelerator-style hybrid intensive, mentoring, and cultural exchange. To learn more, click the button below.



Destination Strategy


Click the button below to view a slideshow presentation outlining the process and key concepts we used to design our community’s regenerative destination strategy as well as the Vision, Core Values, and Strategic Focus Areas our destination leadership team is using to put our strategy into action!


Regenerative Opportunities

in Cordova


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