101 Things To Do

Spin the wheel to choose today’s Cordova adventure destination!

When you spin the wheel your next Cordova adventure destination are will be chosen. Your challenge is to do as many activities from that area as you can in one day. The wheel is divided into different areas of Cordova the same way the 101 Things To Do list is divided below.

Good Luck!

Around Town

□ Enjoy a self-guided tour of Cordova.
□ Visit a local church for Sunday Service.
Shop till you drop at our local boutiques (Net Loft, Kayak Café, Sue’s Knives are just a few).
□ Feast on Copper River Salmon at a local eatery.
□ Learn about the Copper River Delta at the Copper River Watershed Project office on 1st St.
□ Meet a local and find out “everything” about Cordova.
□ Follow the interpretive signs on 1st St.
□ Arrange for a studio tour with a local artist.
□ Join the local Zen meditation group for a sit.
□ Tour Cordova by bicycle. Bike rentals are available.
□ Send your child to 4H Fiddle and Music Camp or enjoy an adult camp (usually mid-July).
□ Catch a yoga or dance class.
□ Kick-off your musical career at open mic during Salmon Jam (every July).
□ Visit the Cordova Chamber and Visitor Center (located at 404 First St.)
□ Spend an hour at the Cordova Historical Museum (located in the Cordova Center)
□ Learn about the Eyak, Chugach Region People, Tlingit, and Athabaskan people at the Ilanka Cultural Center (located at 711 First St)
□ Pick up a copy of The Cordova Times for the scoop on what’s going on around town, available at many retail locations in town.
□ Stop by the US Forest Service office and interpretive center on 2nd St.
□ Visit Alaska Fish & Game office on Railroad Ave.
□ Stroll “Cordova’s Historic Walking Tour” at your leisure (map available at the Visitor Center and Cordova Museum).
□ Open a jar of smoked Copper River Red and enjoy (available from local retailers)!
□ Watch a parade with a 100-foot long blue Iceworm at Cordova Iceworm Festival (every February).
□ Get in a rainy day workout at Bidarki Rec Ctr.


□ Walk, bike or drive Orca Rd & watch for sea otters, seals, ravens, and bald eagles.
□ Sea-kayak Orca Channel from Orca Lodge to Shepard Point.
□ Clean your catch at the Shelter Cove Cleaning Station.
□ Visit the Prince William Sound Science Center.
□ Watch for whales in Orca Inlet. Jig for Halibut off the Ocean Dock.
□ See the fishing fleet jockey for position at the fuel dock.
□ Catch the sunset from “Hippie Cove”.



□ Walk up and relax at the reservoir and get an alternate view of Cordova.
□ Play a round of disc golf at Meals Reservoir.
□ Watch 1000’s of shorebirds dance in flight in early May for the spring migration.
□ Join us for the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival. Learn more at coppershorebird.com.
□ Watch salmon spawning in the slough near Hartney Bay trailhead.
□ Take in the sunset at Hartney Bay.
□ Enjoy an evening bonfire on the beach.


□ Picnic at Nirvana Park
□ Kayak or canoe Eyak Lake.
□ Learn about Eyak Lake’s shores and spawning salmon from interpretive signs at Nirvana Park, Skater’s Cabin and Power Creek.
□ Observe Trumpeter Swans, mergansers, and other abundant waterfowl.
□ Watch float planes take flight from Eyak Lake.
□ Reserve Skater’s Cabin for a night on the shore of Eyak Lake.
□ Pick a bucket of blueberries or salmonberries.
□ Look for bears at the spawning beds.
□ Visit the old Pioneer cemetery.
□ Hire an air charter to go flightseeing over glaciers and the Copper River Delta.
□ View spawning reds in the creek.

Cordova Harbor

□ Watch local fishermen offload their catch.
Catch your own Salmon or Halibut.
□ Grab a lunch to go and picnic at the Fisherman’s Memorial.
□ Stroll the docks of a bustling commercial fishing harbor.
□ Pick a favorite boat name in the harbor.
□ Visit a local seafood processor to buy Copper River Salmon and other wild Alaskan fish.
□ Watch the Fleet come and go from the “Flats”.
□ Try your hand at mending a gill net or just watch a pro.
□ Compete in the wild & wacky survival suit races in February at Iceworm Festival.
□ Escape to the Sound on a boating tour.
□ Walk the boardwalk to the end of the Breakwater.
□ Ask a fisherman for a tour of their boat.


Copper River Delta

Sportfish little lakes and rivers for trout.
□ Photograph wildflowers along the highway and on the Delta.
□ Explore the old Copper River Northwest Railroad bed, the foundation of the Copper River Highway.
□ Go mountain bike riding “out the road”.
□ Go on a guided tour or wilderness trek.
□ Spend the day at 22 mile picnicking and canoeing.
□ Take a river or air shuttle to Childs Glacier and the historic Million Dollar Bridge.
□ Picnic anywhere “out the road”.
□ Pick wild berries everywhere “out the road”.
□ Choose the perfect winter day to ice skate on a glacial lake right next to icebergs frozen in time.
□ Scan for Moose meandering the marshlands.
□ Watch a summer sunset at midnight.
□ Watch a summer sunrise at 3:00 am.
□ Listen for coyotes. Call back to them.
□ Capture the Northern Lights on film or digital.
□ Go on a guided foray during Cordova Fungus Festival in September.
□ Play on sand dunes at 27 mile.
Rent a riverboat and explore Eyak River.
□ Tent camp at Alaganik.
□ Rent a USFS cabin at McKinley Lake.
□ Listen for the Sandhill Cranes announcing the coming of autumn.
□ Count the beaver lodges visible from the highway.
□ Enjoy a scenic bike or run on the Copper River Highway
□ Read the interpretive signs at mile 10.5 CR Highway in the USFS gazebo.

Ready, Set, Hike!

Alaganik Slough Trail and Boardwalk – delta habitat and wildlife viewing along the accessible platform.
Crater Lake Trail – mature spruce-hemlock forest to a picturesque alpine bowl where Crater Lake sits.
Eyak River Trail – meander the west bank of Eyak River in mature Sitka Spruce.
Haystack Trail – brings you to the perfect vantage point for a delta view.
Lake Elsner Trail – parallels the east side of the Scott Valley along muskeg and lakes.
McKinley Lake Trail – beautiful, easy to walk tread to explore “Lucky Strike Mine”.
Muskeg Meander Trail – cross country skiing or snowshoeing only. Gains elevation gradually and ends in high muskeg overlooking the Copper River Delta.
Pipeline Lakes Trail – most of the trail is plank board through muskeg meadows with impressive views of the Chugach Mountains.
Power Creek Trail – at midway, Cordova Electric’s Hydropower Dam can be seen.
Saddlebag Glacier Trail – mountain bike or hike a glaciated valley to a glacier-fed lake.
Sheridan Mountain Trail – begin with waterfalls, end with an incredible glacier view.
Sheridan Lake Trail – this short jaunt offers an ancient reward.