Business Participation Guide for the Fungus Festival

How to Participate in the Fungus Festival As a Business Owner:

In this guide, you will find information on the many different options we have for your participation, choose as many or as few as you like!

Please keep in mind, this guide is set up to benefit Chamber members, so if you are not already on our 2023 roster, we would love to have you! Simply fill out the application on the chamber website and email it to

Dates to know:

  • August 23- Last day to sign up to be in the guide for listings and ads
  • August 23-S&D Guide Full Color Ad Artwork due
  • August 23 – Cutoff date for businesses to be listed in the S&D Guide


  1. This Guide is distributed to each festival registrant in their festival welcome packets.
  2. Available at the Welcome Table in the Cordova Center
  3. At request, stacks of the guide are given to local businesses to have available to customers.
  4. Available at the Visitor Center till the next Edition of the Guide is published.

Ways to Participate

For Chamber Members-(In the Shopping, Dining, & Services Industry)

  1. Free- Have your business listed under the corresponding category with your opening times and a marker on the map inside the guide.
  2. $200-$450- Enhance your reach in the guide by purchasing a full color picture ad to go with your listing. +This Ad will also be published digitally in our Email Marketing (over 2,000 subscribers!).
  3. Pre-Paid- If you added this as an advertising add-on to your 2023 Chamber Membership, you only need to fill out this form for your listing, we already have your Ad.

More info on the S&D Guide Ads:

Host a Sale or Special

and let us help promote it!

By Signing-Up you will receive inclusion in these Advertisements:

A group post on our Social Channels advertising your Sale or Special, tagging your business.

We will share your posts about the sale or special that you tag us in.

Your sale or special on the official festival website schedule. (This gets high traffic from registrants!)

And you will be included in the Local Sales & Specials Guide that will be included in each registration packet.

What is a Third-Party Activity?

Third-Party activities are ticketed events that happen throughout the festival. They cost the festival registrants extra to get into. Like concerts, art classes, tasting parties, Runs, etc. to host an activity please sign up at the button below.

Stipulations of Third-Party Activities:

To be listed as an official Fungus Festival Third Party Activity, the business hosting the activity must either;

  • -Offer a Ticket discount to festival registrants
  • -OR Donate 10% of your profits to the festival

Dates to Know:

August 18-Last day to sign up for third party activities.

***If you choose to offer a discount, please use the code:***


Dates To Know:

August 20- Deadline to sign-up

Ways to Participate

  • -Donate a dish to the wild harvest Tasting Party!
  • – OR Donate an item to the silent auction

What your business gets for signing up:

By signing up to donate a dish you will receive:

  1. Sponsorship recognition at the tasting party
  2. 1 free ticket to the event
  3. a table tent telling your business’s Story with a QR code leading to your website for attendees to visit
  4. An excerpt about your business in the festival welcome folders in every attendee’s packet

Tasting Party Donation Requirements

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Dish Requirements

  • -50 servings
  • -Something that represents Cordova’s Harvest-use at least one local ingredient
  • -Something that can help tell the story of your business
  • -Can be savory or sweet, you pick!
  • -Dishes must be dropped off on the day of the tasting party (Saturday, September 9th) to the Alaskan bar by 5 pm

Silent Auction Donation Requirements

  • -Handmade
  • -Made in Cordova or by a Cordovan
  • -Please drop off the item(s) you are donating to the chamber offices/ visitor center by September 1st. We are open M-F 10am-4pm (Gone for lunch from 12-1)

Ways to Participate:

  • -Donate a prize- in exchange we will give your business metion in the passport shopping & dining ad. To donate a prize please email
  • -Sign Passports- When someone comes into your business and makes a purchase during shorebird festival remind them to record it in their passport and have you sign it.


If you would like to be a sponsor of the festival, please email