Mariculture & Blue Economy

Mariculture & Blue Economy

Restorative ocean farming and sustainable fisheries have long-term positive impacts for the environment, economy, and culture of our community and the world. For that reason, Cordova Chamber of Commerce is excited to provide mariculture and blue economy programming that promotes economic, ecological, and cultural resilience.


Blue Economy (ENG: bluː iˈkɒnəmi)

The Blue Economy is new way of thinking, a paradigm shift to bring industries together to best utilize shared ocean resources and access. To break down barriers and create value by connecting businesses, innovators, agencies, and knowledge for the betterment of ocean health, economies, and communities.

Mariculture (ENG: ˈmɛrəˌkəltʃɚ)

Regenerative ocean farming¹ is a climate-friendly model of aquaculture where seaweeds and/or shellfish² are grown in a way that requires no freshwater, feed, or fertilizer. This farming model can benefit coastal ecosystems and communities by increasing food security, creating jobs, improving water quality, protecting coastlines, providing a range of additional ecosystem services, and supporting ocean justice. Farming and harvesting the seas while restoring local ecosystems is by no means a new practice. Indigenous communities across the world have been sustainably harvesting and farming coastal environments for thousands of years. Bivalves (such as oysters and clams), fish, and seaweed have a long history of traditional cultivation for use in food, medicine, ceremonies, and coastal protection. (source:

Blue Economy Programs & Events by Cordova Chamber

Cordova Chamber of Commerce is excited to partner with several other local, statewide, and national agencies and organizations to support and promote mariculture development and blue economy thinking in Cordova. Below are some examples of programs and events offered by Cordova Chamber. For more information, visit our Business Resources or Membership pages, or contact