2023 expedition cruise visits

This year, Cordova can expect five visits from Expedition Cruise Ships. The Chamber has been coordinating with these companies, the harbor, and local businesses and organizations interested in providing tours. We are also creating a self-guided Cordova Culture walking tour brochure to lead these visitors into local businesses and help them support local organizations and community groups. These brochures will be put in the hands of all passengers. Contact us if you want to make sure you’re included or if you have any questions. This “expedition” style boat is much different than the 1,000-3,000 passenger vessels that visit larger ports. Our experience has been that these visitors are a much better fit for our Regenerative Tourism Destination Strategy, and we hope our efforts will help ensure our economy and community receive as much benefit as possible from their visit. Click the button below to access the free Destination Toolkit we created for local businesses to leverage our destination strategy.

Click the button above if your business, organization, or community group is interested in hosting an activity, tour, or sale for these visitors!

Would you like to join the conversation guiding Cordova’s tourism future?

Cordova has a Destination Leadership Team (DLT) that meets 1x monthly via zoom. A destination leadership team is a group of stakeholders who agree to come together to guide the development and management of a visitor destination. Stakeholders can range from business owners who are directly part of the industry to land management organizations and trail organizations. You can join the DLT and help us carry out our Regenerative Tourism Destination Strategy!