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The beautiful coastlines of Cordova have captured the hearts of travelers and explorers since before recorded history. Alaskan Natives tribes of Prince William Sound have inhabited the area for over 10,000 years. Russian explorers started settling in Alaska in the early 18th century, and later around 1778, Captain Cook came to what is now known as Prince William Sound.

The lure of the world’s richest waters (Prince William Sound, Copper River Delta, and the Gulf of Alaska) continues to this day for worldly travelers and Alaskans alike. Indeed, ask Alaskans from around the state where they would like to visit and this region is bound to be one of their top choices.

Now you can join the ranks of explorers – take a trip on the Alaska Marine Highway System, learn to fish for wild Copper River Salmon, hike a beautiful trail to a hidden mountain lake, walk atop a glacier. Cordova’s out-your-door access to adventure is unparalleled and waiting for you to explore!

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