Shop & Give Local This Holiday Season

Gifting can be more fun when shopping makes a difference.  This is why Shopping Cordova First is the perfect combination — you get what you want AND your purchases make an impact on our community.

Thanksgiving weekend has become the biggest shopping week of the year. We all know what Black Friday is, but are you wondering what Shop Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday are and why you should care?  I don’t blame you. It’s a made-up consumer promotion BUT there’s a reason, and WE all are the reason why it was created. The fact is many of us enjoy giving gifts to express our gratitude, love, and respect for each other. So…if many of us are shopping for this reason, especially this time of year, then naturally businesses want to share with us what they have to fulfill our needs and desires. Some are even adding a discount, gift with purchase, or a donation to make shopping a more pleasurable experience. Now, what’s the difference between each day and why does it matter? Well, businesses are set up differently so that’s why there are different days to bring focus to each one, and allow you the time to check out all that is available to you.

Shop Small Business Saturday is about stepping away from the conglomerates that dominate on Black Friday and focusing on the independently owned brick ‘n mortar businesses.  At the Chamber, we take that one step further and encourage you not only to shop small businesses but to Shop Cordova First. The majority of all businesses here in Cordova are considered small businesses, and your purchases make a BIG difference.

Follow these links to find Cordova small businesses for shopping, gift shops, hardware, outdoor gear, spa and salon services.



Cyber Monday is all about shopping online from the comfort of your cozy home in your pj’s, sometimes receiving different deals at different times of the day throughout those 24 hours. Why not make it Cordova Cyber Monday?! Many of our local direct market fisherfolk and artisans are online-only businesses — this includes selling from a website, any social media platform, or a group site such as Buy Alaska. Giving the gift of adventure, vacation, and experiences is always a hit and included as part of Cyber Monday.

A list of local online businesses can be found here for direct market fisherfolk, artisans, photographers, outfitters, fishing lodges, lodges, flightseeing, heli-skiing, and skiing.


Give the gift of a donation. Giving Tuesday is all about supporting your favorite non-profit! Can you name all of the Cordova non-profit organizations? Do you have a favorite non-profit? Do you know their mission and values? Take a look at local Cordova non-profits and see what you can do this year to make a difference in what matters most to you and those you care about. Many offer annual memberships as well as donation options.