Come Back Better!

Our Come Back Better Campaign was launched in May 2020 and is all about looking for ways to face the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Chamber is still here to support any business that is looking to rethink, rebuild, reopen, and/or recover. If you are looking for support email our business support specialist to set up a collaboration session,


For individuals, it’s about using this time to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new; immersing yourself in the natural splendor that Cordova provides like nowhere else, and returning with renewed energy and a fresh perspective.

For businesses, it’s about rethinking, rebuilding, reopening, and recovering. Read on for ideas and inspiration as well as concrete examples and templates to work through this process and Come Back Better!

RETHINK – It’s not business as usual, it’s a new normal. What do your customers need? How can you accommodate those needs safely? Are there new ways you can communicate with your customers? Are there new ways you can deliver your products or services to fulfill their needs? What engineering controls will be needed for your business to operate safely? What are the safety protocols and mitigation measures required for your business to operate right now? We’re here to help you Rethink your structure and offerings to fit the needs of the current environment. Ever heard the famous quote “necessity is the mother of invention”? Don’t waste this opportunity to embrace new technologies and procedures that will offer conveniences to customers and possibly open up your offerings to a larger audience!

REBUILD – Let us help you reach out to solidify your customer base and increase customer loyalty. We’ll be launching aggressive Shop Cordova First campaigns to compliment your efforts to market your new plan and offerings to existing and new customers. You can also use this time to build up parts of your business you’ve been putting off like updating your website or logo/branding, setting up an online store, improving your bookkeeping, or doing some financial planning. Sign up for free webinars and counseling through our partner Alaska Small Business Development Center now or click the button above.

REOPEN – Here are six steps to reopening your business you can work through. Click here to fill out online your Mutual Aid agreement required by the City to operate. We have templates for COVID-19 Safety and Mitigation Plans available that follow Protocols for Reopening set forth by the State in Mandate 16, which Cordova’s Reopen Responsibly Plan would closely align with. Click the button to download a document that includes all templates and find the one that best fits your business type. View the Chamber office’s COVID-19 Safety & Mitigation Plan here. Once you’re ready to reopen, let us know and we will help you get the word out by sharing your info, and we can even do a Ribbon Tying (reopen) event. Watch the Chamber’s Ribbon Tying video and see the details on that below. It’s free to all Chamber members!


RECOVER – We’re working with local and regional partners to look to the future and think long-term about the economic resilience of our local businesses and the entire community. We hope to create an Economic Recovery Plan that will support and strengthen the local economy for community recovery and growth from COVID-19 impacts. The Chamber board also recently launched a new Economic Diversification Task Force to explore ways industries like mariculture, technology, aquaculture, and tourism may be able to grow and expand Cordova’s economic base. If you’re interested in learning more about this committee, click here.

RESOURCES – From templates to best practices to relief guides, we have all sorts of resources to help you and your business not only survive but come back better! Start by visiting our COVID Resources page. Then check out the City of Cordova’s COVID Dashboard and the State of Alaska’s Reopen webpage.

Ready to Join the Come-Back?